Coyote Canyon, Anza Borrego Desert

April 30, 2010 11:57 am


Hiking and camping in the Coyote Canyon in Anza Borrego (wiki) just East of San Diego. We just drove down from a night of camping in freezing cold in Mt. Laguna 5000+ feet just West of Anza Borrego.   Today’s plan was to drive to lower Coyote Canyon, pitch tent just before the 3rd water crossing on the trail and hike the rest of the way to an oasis in Sheep Canyon “3.5 miles away”.   3.5 miles later in 90 degree heat, the oasis looked like it was still along the horizon! The scenery was awesome, though.  The desert was as colorful as ever thanks to its spring-time bloom.  Flowers of all sizes and colors painted the landscape.

Getting There:

Getting to the trailhead requires a 4×4 with good clearance to go over rocks, cross streams and not get stuck in the sand.

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0009.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0010.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0011.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0014.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0018.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0019.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0020.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0021.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0022.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0023.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0024.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0025.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0026.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0028.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0029.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0031.jpg

The Hike:

The hike we were originally informed would be a round trip of 7-miles through desert heat.  So we filled up our water bottles, got our sunblocks, hats, sunglasses and took off.  We didn’t quite make it to the destination due to underestimating the distance.  We later found out from a guide book that the distance was closer to 10 miles and not 7 miles!

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0012.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0034.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0035.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0044.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0045.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0046.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0050.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0054.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0055.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0056.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0058.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0060.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0067.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0069.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0072.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0073.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0074.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0075.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0076.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0085.jpg 20100427_CoyoteCanyon_0106.jpg 20100427_CoyoteCanyon_0108.jpg


The Bloom:

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0003.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0006.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0007.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0008.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0017.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0033.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0036.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0041.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0043.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0048.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0049.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0064.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0065.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0070.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0078.jpg

20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0079.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0081.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0082.jpg 20100426_CoyoteCanyon_0084.jpg

20100427_CoyoteCanyon_0099.jpg 20100427_CoyoteCanyon_0107.jpg 20100427_CoyoteCanyon_0110.jpg 20100427_CoyoteCanyon_0111.jpg

Night Shots:



Vic#2 painting the picture with the word, “Anza”


Obligatory star trail shot.


Vic#1, Vic#2, James Ng.

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