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Valentine’s Chinese New Year President’s Day

February 19, 2010 7:00 pm



Valentine’s Chinese New Year President’s Day Weekend in Tahoe


Spent another (long) weekend around Lake Tahoe on Valentine’s Chinese New Year President’s Day weekend.  Ning booked a cabin where 13 of us stayed.  We all left the Bay Area at different times but we all pretty much arrived within a half hour from each other, close to midnight.

Day 1 (Saturday) was spent snowboarding in Sierra @ Tahoe.  Met up with my old buddy, Paul, who was my very first friend here in the US.   He introduced himself shortly after I joined his 5th grade class.  Finally got comfortable enough (always have to relearn every season) to get some speed going downhill.

Day 2 (Sunday) Half the party went back to the slopes.  The rest of us decided on being tourists and checked out the scenery around the lake.  Ended up cruising to Emerald Bay and some other vistas.  Half of the party decided to drive back home in the afteroon too.

Day 3 (Monday)  Heavy breakfast for those who stuck around to finish up most of the food we brought!  Read:  Lots of Bacon, sausages, and pancakes!

Emerald Bay:


You become your parents

February 18, 2010 10:51 pm

I found this to be the funniest role-reversal experience I’ve had so far…


Since my dad’s retired and he’s temporarily staying in the U.S. before going back to the homeland, I’m letting him use my cell phone service while I use my work-issued service.   When I looked at the latest cell phone bill, the price was higher than expected, so I sent him the following email:

“Just a heads up, pa.  The service only comes with 200 anytime minutes, so the last bill used up an extra 50-something minute.  If you want me to upgrade to the next one up for 450 minutes, let me know.”

He then responds with the following email:

“Sorry, son. I got carried away when I was talking to a high school friend that I met in facebook. The last time I saw and talked to him was when we graduated from high school sometime 1962.

Anyway, I really don’t need that much minutes.”

My dad’s catching up with old high school buddies from high school…. from the 60s!  I don’t even talk to my facebook friends!     My dad’s way cooler than your dad.

Nathaniel meets Pacquiao…

February 17, 2010 2:56 pm

Here’s Nathan watching Pacquiao training at Griffith Park this morning.

What’s with the leash you ask?  Well, that’s to keep him from falling off the cliff on the hike up…


Cool New Feature

February 4, 2010 11:13 pm

Well, not really a new feature since the slideshow feature has been always been available with the gallery, but the in the gallery has the ability to use a fancy user experience with PicLens by cooliris.  It does require you to install the cooliris plugin for your browser.

1.  First of all, go to one of the albums in the gallery

2.  Click on the “View Slideshow” link at the bottom of the page

3.  If you don’t have the CoolIris installed yet, it will show you a basic slideshow with the main photo enlarged and thumbnails in the bottom.

4. On top of the right corner of the slideshow page, click on “View This In 3D”

5.  This will take you to the webpage and ask you to install the CoolIris app for your browser.

6.  Follow steps to install the CoolIris app and restart the browser.  The next time you view the slideshow, you’ll see your screen covered with a 3D wall of pictures that you can flick, drag, zoom, etc…

Try it out!