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Mount Laguna Star Trails

September 25, 2008 1:49 am

Went up Mt. Laguna again last Saturday night.  I was by myself in the campsite for a couple of hours until my friends showed up around midnight.  It was completely dark except for the bright stars framed by the big trees around the campsite…until the moon rose.

I didn’t have a remote shutter for this so I Macgyvered one with some double-sided tape I found in the car and folded up an old receipt to keep the shutter button down for these half-hour-long exposures!


This was when the moon had risen and illuminated the trees in the foreground.

Nathaniel at 10 months old!

1:45 am

Some pictures of a happy baby by Uncle Vic

Welcome to TheLlanas

1:23 am

This is the first post!

I’d like to use this site to post any new updates with the family with lots and lots of pictures!