2011 Vega Family Reunion

January 11, 2011 6:39 pm

I added a special page for those interested in the 2011 Reunion of the Vega Clan.  Find the link on top of the page or go here:


The page is password protected, if you don’t have one,  find your favorite Tito or Tita and ask them!

Anza Borrego Time Lapse Video

December 30, 2010 5:30 pm

I was sitting shotgun in my buddy’s Subary  with 5D handheld against the roof through Anza Borrego Desert.

Facebook: new channel for scammers!

October 14, 2010 11:24 am

Please be careful with your accounts out there.  If something smells fishy, there’s nothing wrong with asking for confirmation.  Don’t let them mess with your conscience and guilt trip you into giving them what they want.  If the person is a real friend, they would have NO problem confirming something with you.

I had an interseting chat with a “friend” on facebook this morning.  .Names have been changed to protect the innocent. My notes and thoughts are in the “< >”:

friend: hello
friend:how are you?


me: hey!
me: i’m good
me: just doin the usual :p:p
me: you?

friend:not too good
friend:presently in a deep mess


me: :/:/ what’s up?

friend:i and my family are stranded in London,uk  <red flag#1:   she just posted the birth of her baby a few days ago…in San Diego>
friend:got mugged at gun point last night


me: oh crap
me: everyoneo k?

friend: it sucks and scary
friend:i was hit on the head but i am getting better  <red flag#2:   Let’s just say I wouldn’t wanna be the person to pull a gun on her.>
friend:all cash,credit card and phone were stolen


me: damn

friend: it was a brutal experience but thank God that i still have my life and passport saved


me: that’s the most important part

friend: my return flight leaves in few hours but having problem sorting the hotel and hospital bills
friend:i need your help


me: i’ll see what i can do

friend: can you loan me some cash to settle the bills and also get a cab to the airport? <red flag#2:   Let’s just say I wouldn’t wanna be the person to pull a gun on her.>
friend:i will definitely refund it as soon as i return home


me: how can i do that?

friend: you can have it wired to my name via western union
friend: to you know any western union outlet nerby?


me: about 15 mins away

friend: ok
friend: all i need is 950  <would have been funny if it was for “tree-fitty” and she really was just the lochness monster.>


me: Just trying to be safe here, how can i know that this is really Jane Doe i’m talking to and not someone who may just be accessing your account?

friend: Name – Jane Doe  <Obviously not her name, but these people used her real name>
friend:Location – 22 St. John Street London, EC1M 4AY United Kingdom
friend:thats the info
friend:my name
friend:got it?


me: got the info

friend: ok
friend: JaneDoe@yahoo.com  <They even created a fake yahoo account for her!>
friend:kindly email me the western union details as soon as you are back
friend: JaneDoe@yahoo.com


me: still didn’t get any kind of information that i’m really talking to Jane Doe

friend: omg?
friend: what do you mean?
friend: if i wasn’t the one will i tell you to wire the money to my name? <Really???>


me: i need confirmation that you are who you say you are

friend: we both knew that i will need some identification before i can receive money here  <After telling me someone just stole your stuff who have said identification>
friend: thank God i still have my passport


me: good for you

friend: my Husband is not here now   <red flag#3:   uhm, she doesn’t have a husband>
friend: took the Bay to the hospital


me: but tell me something only you and i would know

friend: like what Vic?
friend: i cant think straight right now  <red flag#4:   Definitely trying to guilt trip me on helping without giving any other information>
friend: i was badly hit on the head
friend: the Doctor said i already suffered concussion
friend: i need to go and meet my husband at the hospital now
friend: i am having serious headache at the moment
friend: are you really helping or trying to tease me around?


me: i’m not helping until you can tell me something only you and i would know

friend: ok what?


me: i’m not telling you, you’re the one asking me for money, you need to confirm who you are

friend: well,i just gave birth to a baby boy  <red flag#5:   This information was readily available on her facebook page.  EXCEPT she wasn’t the one who gave birth to the boy =p>


me: that’s obvious
me: how do we know each other?
<They signed out at this point.>

Time to kill.

July 22, 2010 4:34 pm


This was taken after a wedding shoot in Fresno and we drove by this beat up, old, shipping warehouse location next to railroad tracks.  Decided to explore and have some fun with the camera.

Make it Davao

July 1, 2010 10:46 am

Exciting Youtube video about Davao City